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A Reputation Built on Experience

JALT Services was founded by Jeremy Wescombe, a former Police Officer with over 25 years of experience of the British Criminal Justice system conducting many high level criminal investigations over that time. He has more over the last few years been working overseas polygraph testing and involved in investigations with very wide and diverse range of people. To the beginning of 2019 he has conducted about 2300 polygraph tests and interviewed many more.

Jeremy has extensive experience interviewing suspects as well as witnesses and victims and others who may have become involved in the Criminal Justice system through no fault of their own. With his additional experience in the gathering, analysis and exploitation of information it gives Jeremy formidable weapons with which to seek out the truth. His many years of experience in the Detection of Deception using Polygraphy and other advanced and specialised interview techniques enable him to provide comprehensive and detailed assessments on individuals who may have been involved in activities that pose a threat to the integrity or reputation of individuals, companies or organisations.

Jeremy Wescombe is a Director of the British and European Polygraph Association and their Director of Ethics and Integrity


JALT Services is one of the only companies in the UK to use experts with the depth of training and experience to provide these services in a wide variety of countries and cultures and who can operate through interpreters without compromising the quality or effectiveness of the investigation.

The polygraph can be used in most circumstances where an act has taken place and there is dispute or uncertainty about who may have been involved or what has occurred; it can also be used to help discover concealed information in certain cases. There are a number of other very effective ways that the polygraph can be used, such a identifying someone who has knowledge of an incident or the location of an item when they are denying such knowledge. The process is conducted face to face and can take up to four hours to complete.


Our operators have over many years gained extensive experience in national and international investigations. Most have over 30 years of such experience giving the company access to some of the most experienced operators in this field in the UK.
They have expertise in and working with, but not limited to, the following areas:

Fraud Investigations
Intelligence Gathering and Exploitation
Covert Investigations
Personnel Vetting
Criminal Investigations
Internal Corporate Investigations
High Net Worth Individuals
Corporate Security

JALT Services Limited operators have Memberships of:

Institute of Professional Investigators
The Security Institute
American Polygraph Association

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