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What if I am nervous?

Nervousness is a natural response that is present throughout the assessment. What is being measured is a reaction to a response; therefore the nervousness will not affect the polygraph assessment. The assessor will explain all of this and other elements of the assessment during the pre-assessment phase. It is part of the assessors job to ensure that the person being assessed is as relaxed as possible prior to being attached to the polygraph.

Who can be assessed?

The majority of people can be assessed but there are some who cannot for a variety of reasons. Your assessor will advise you if the examination cannot be conducted.

Can I stop the assessment?

Yes, at any time you can tell the assessor to stop the process.

Why use Polygraph?

In a large percentage of enquiries, there is quite often a stage reached where there is nowhere else to go and obtain further information to progress that enquiry. This is where polygraph can assist. It is still the most accurate and reliable method of determining if someone is telling the truth that is currently available. Polygraph may not always be the answer, and the assessor will talk through the issue prior to any arrangements being made.

Will the assessor give me the result I want instead of the real result?

In short NO, never. Do not ask as any ethical and professional assessor will just tell you to man up and admit your fault. If you have done whatever it is you want examining do not waste your money asking for an assessment as we will not, ever, under any circumstances give you a report telling a result that you want given rather than the true result.

Where will the assessment take place?

The assessment will take place at your home (if suitable) or in an office close by. We prefer to do them at your home for two reasons. It is somewhere you know and feel safe at and secondly, there will be an additional cost for the hire of the office if your home is not suitable. The assessor will advise you on these issues.


Our staff are highly trained and experienced in a range of investigatory methods. All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest of confidence, so get in touch with us today and find out how we can provide you with the solutions you are looking for.


JALT Services Limited operators have Memberships of:

Institute of Professional Investigators
The Security Institute
American Polygraph Association

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