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Choose JALT Services for Private Investigations & Polygraph (Lie Detector) Services

We provide a high quality and cost effective service that searches for the truth to help inform our clients when making decisions. The Company has a reputation for dealing sensitively and efficiently with enquiries that need speedy and discreet resolution.

JALT Services Limited only uses ex British Police all with many years of experience in Investigations or Polygraph (Lie Detector) Assessments. We have many years’ experience operating in the UK and Worldwide and work effectively anywhere that the client needs our services.

Some Polygraph Examiners claim their tests are 95% to 98% accurate; research does not support these claims. The average ‘accuracy’ is about 90%. When an examiner tells you how accurate a test is, they should be telling you how confident they are in their result, or in polygraph speak ‘decision accuracy’; this is the correct way of giving a result. The research shows, on average that a single issue test should have a decision accuracy of about 89% and a multiple issues test 87% when using an approved type of test. Please call us at JALT Services Limited if you want more information on decision accuracy so you can be confident in the result you are given for the test that you are paying for.


For any other Polygraph / Lie Detection or Investigations enquiries please contact us, we can probably still help you.

JALT Services Limited operators have Memberships of:

Institute of Professional Investigators
The Security Institute
American Polygraph Association

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